Contribute to clean energy

Wind, one of the most important natural phenomena on Earth. Wind is an air flow which is caused by temperature differences on earth.  Thanks to this natural phenomenon the human science found a way to turn the wind’s kinetic energy into electricity. Clean energy! Aeolus Coatings systems contributes to this clean energy by offering more resistances against abrasion and erosion caused by weather influences. As well a guarantee on long-term flexibility and being dirt repellent. Combine these elements with a custom-made approach, you are assured of durable products which meets all your requirements.

A strong collaboration

Aeolus Coatings is a new company resulting from a collaboration between Anker Stuy Verven B.V. and Parthian Technology B.V.

Anker Stuy Verven

The world of Anker Stuy is a world of colour and coatings, but also a world of people. Our story starts in 1898, with the establishment of the “’t Anker.” As a family business, we forged ahead in 1956 under the name Anker Stuy. By now, it is in its third generation.

As market leader in The Netherlands of the joinery industry we know what our customers demand. Our short lines of communication guarantee adaptable and personal working relations. With a professional team on hand, we are quick to respond to the needs of customers and offer excellent service that extends all the way to your building site.


Parthian Technology B.V. is established in June 2011, the three founders saw the need of material & process support for companies that intent to introduce their material to the composite industry.

Parthian Technology has its office and workshop located in Hengelo, the Netherlands. This location was selected to be near both Thales Nederland B.V. as well as the Technical University of Twente, two of our technology partners.


Always a unique coating system

By responding to the needs of the customer Aeolus always delivers a unique coating system. In order to achieve this the best way possible,  personal contact with the customer is always applied whereby the customers needs always comes first!  Because Aeolus can adjust its coating system to specific customer needs Aeolus can provide its customers with better service and Quality is never lost out of sight.

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The people behind Aeolus Coatings

Nederland Terwispel Fr 20151103 Verffabriek Anker Stuy  Emile Stuy, derde generatie . Nu export manager . foto Harry Cock/de Volkskrant

Emile Stuy

Export Manager
Anker Stuy Verven


Armand Stuy

Commercial Manager
Anker Stuy Verven


Evert Jan Temmink

Manager / Partner


Martijn Willemsen

Manager / Partner