Aeolus Coatings for a low cost of wind energy!

After a development period of 4 years, we are proud to present the company Aeolus Coatings B.V. with its head office in Terwispel, the Netherlands.

Aeolus Coatings offers a “custom made” coating system for the rotor blades of wind turbines. Our coating system uses new chemistry, can be tailor made, is easy to apply and keeps your turbines running at optimal conditions by being dirt-repellent and erosion-resistant.

Our technology is based on new binder technology which gives our coatings excellent erosion resistance which assures our clients optimal blade performance with a long lifetime.
We can fulfil this promise by optimizing each product to the needs and demands of our customer. In that way, the products will function optimally in each production process.

With many years of experience in the rotor blade industry, “we speak the language of the rotor blade sector!”

Besides being co-owner of Aeolus Coatings, Emile & Armand Stuy are two brothers from the 3rd generation of paint makers at Anker Stuy Verven B.V. Our close cooperation with Anker Stuy makes us flexible and able to produce the volumes needed for customers.

Martijn Willemsen & Evert Jan Temmink, also co-owners of Aeolus Coatings, are two chemical engineers that have been working on coatings in the rotor blade business for over 10 years. Next to Aeolus, they are the owners of Parthian Technology, a company that with its innovations works in making a difference in the composite industry. Their knowledge is the key for understanding the needs of our customers.

From September 2016 onward, we have received funding through the Innovatiefonds Noord-Nederland (IFNN), giving us the opportunity to market and optimise our products all over the world!

IFNN is part of The Northern Development Agency (NOM) which is funded and financed by the Dutch State and the three provinces of the North (Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe). Their mission is to create, improve, maintain and develop the industrial and economic structure in Northern Netherlands.

To address and react quickly on the questions of our customers, the team is now extended with both Dr. Ir. Lionel Dos Ramos, Head of R&D, and ing. Wouter van Lanen, as Technical Service manager. Besides developing innovative products, they will optimise and formulate our coatings to the customer needs.

In Greek mythology, Aeolus is known as “The ruler of the winds”. Aeolus gave Odysseus a bag with winds. In this way, Odysseus would never suffer from headwind! Aeolus Coatings wants to promise its customers the same by offering a coating system which is easy to apply and keeps the rotor blades working with optimal performance with a long lifespan!